Client List


Developed one button custom installer combining application, multiple third party drivers and custom PC settings.

  1. Developed semiconductor automation equipment in C++ using Windows CE 5.

  2. Modified Windows CE boards support package (BSP) for SH4.

Developed proprietary SSH/SFTP Windows service.
Developed Windows Tablet C++ application to control catheter evaluation test fixture.
  1. Developed application for organizing and editing of presentations on LCD projection panel in 80x86 assembly language.
  2. Developed personal organizer firmware for first IBM compatible battery operated personal computer in 80x86 assembly language.
  1. Developed CiphergenExpress in a team environment using Java and IntelliJ IDE.

  2. Developed Windows MFC application in a team environment in C++ in an embedded computer to control chip autoloader for mass spectrometer used by biologists for protein analysis.

  3. Developed Windows MFC application in a team environment in C++ in an embedded computer to control mass spectrometer used by biologists for protein analysis.

  1. Developed Windows application to interface to OBID USB and TCP/IP RFID readers for the Bar Master product.
  2. Developed Speed Rail firmware for the Bar Master product that monitors dispenses from bottles using RFID tags and weight change. It used the TI MSP430 (MSP430F2370) and interfaced with the TI TRF7960 RFID reader, the TI ADS1100 16-bit A/D converter and the Silicon Labs CP2102 USB to UART bridge.
  3. Developed Windows MFC application to graphically display the input from multiple Speed Rails.
  4. Analyzed and fixed problem with interface between MSP430 and Windows C++ application.
Critical Reach - A Nonprofit Organization

Created Visual Basic interface to Ofoto for Windows. It is used to track missing children.

Critikon Developed 8051 assembly firmware for medical infusion pump. Company was part of Johnson and Johnson. Now part of GE Medical.
D2M - Design to Manufacturing

Developed multiple manufacturing test fixtures.

Digital F/X
  1. Developed driver to control NEC-PVR in real time that made it frame accurate.

  2. Developed schematics (Orcad), 80x86 firmware, host API for product that controls 8 video post production VTRs in real time using 8 RS-232 ports. Included roll your own real time multitasking OS.

  3. Created 80386 OS that handled swapping and passing data between multiple MSDOS and MS-Windows 2 tasks and the paging of virtual memory in 80x86 assembly language.


Developed custom one button installer for the Octet System that combines the application, multiple third party drivers and custom PC settings.


Created Windows MFC application in C++ to control mass spectrometer for Genetrace Systems Inc.

  1. Developed VikingPro™ Compact Light Controller in C firmware using MSP430 (MSP430F2232) with the IAR IDE.

  2. Created WinCE and Windows Embedded OS for irrigation controller.

Hynix Semiconductor - formerly Hyundai Electronics America

Developed software tools to support debugging of MPEG-2 card for Odeum, a subsidiary of Hyundai Electronics America.

Light Source Inc.
  1. Developed Ofoto for Windows 2 for color scanning of images in C++ and MFC.
  2. Developed Ofoto for Windows 1 for gray scale scanning of images in Borland C++.
  3. Developed application to stress test Macintosh ADB connector in Think C.
  4. Developed driver for NEC PC-VCR  through ADB port in Think C.
msntv - Get in your confort zone

Developed low level memory manager and DMA drivers in C for Windows CE and Embedded NT used in satellite TV set top box.

  1. Developed tool set to port Netscape Unix HTTP servers to Windows NT. Ensured that changes to Unix servers were ported to Windows NT in short order.

  2. Developed custom HTTP browsers for OEM clients.

New Foucs - A Division of Bookham
  1. Developed schematics (Orcad), Windows C++ calibration application and C++ firmware for SWL-7500 OEM-Grade Controller laser controller using NXP LPC2368 and the Keil uVision IDE.

  2. Developed Windows manufacturing application and C++ firmware for custom laser controller using NXP LPC2368 and the Keil uVision IDE.

  3. Developed Windows C++ controller application and C firmware for a Laser beam steering product using the Coldfire (MCF5206E) and Visual Studio IDE.

  4. Developed Windows C++ controller application and multiprocessor C firmware for a product that creates a Laser scanning window by controlling 4 blades at high speed using the Coldfire (3 MCF5206E) and Visual Studio IDE.

O2Micro - Breathing Life Into Mobility

Developed Windows MFC application and Windows Service in C++ to convert a PC into a media center integrating TV tuner, DVD, CD, video and jpeg into single application controlled by a remote.

Microtec Research Interfaced HP 64700 development system and other emulators in C to XRAY application. Microtec Research became part of Mentor Graphics .
Pacific Media Data

Developed 80386 set top box that displayed Electronic Program Guide (EPG) including search functions for actors and shows for cable company.

Packeteer - Fast WAN, Fast Apps, Fast Business
  1. Upgraded PolicyCenter install to handle changes in Sun server and Windows Server 2003.

  2. Converted their PolicyCenter application into a NT Service. Created a service to monitor the PolicyCenter service. Created install for PolicyCenter.

Pinnacle - A division of Avid

Developed firmware for custom keyboard and manufacturing test application for keyboard.

Rainin - your pipetting solution
  1. Developed Windows application, FileMaker Pro plug-ins, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel plug-ins to read RFID tags implanted in their products.

  2. Developed E-Man Hybrid with LTS pipette with electronic readout in C and assembly firmware using TI MSP430F436.

  3. Developed EDP®3-Plus with LTS electronic pipette in C and assembly firmware using TI MSP430P337.

  4. Developed E3 electronic pipette in assembly firmware using the NEC uPD753036 4-bit microcontroller.

  5. Developed HPLC liquid chromatography pump (later sold to Varian) in C and assembly firmware using 68HC11.

Developed Windows MFC application using the Agilent Laser Calibrator, the USB-4761 Digital I/O and the 485USB9F USB to RS-485 converter to calibrate, exercise and test their ADP pump product.
Versadyne - Media Duplication Systems

Investigated current product and recommended a hardware design approach for next generation.

  1. Developed motor controllers in C and assembly firmware using TI MSP430F1232.
  2. Developed Light Sensor in C++ and assembly firmware using NXP LPC2368.